Cast Resin Transformers (Dry Type)

Windings of HV and LV of these transformers are covered completely with cast epoxy resin under vacuum.

25 – 2500 kVA in power interval, high voltage level up to 36 kV, naturel cooling (AN) or fan cooling (AF), they are manufactured and choices. (Power increase up to 50 % is provided with used cooling fan)

Why Cast Resin Transformers?
Since the covering is fabricated under vacuum, the humidity and air bubble no being. It protects versus hard situations. Hence cast resin transformers are used at humid and dirty fields.

Cast epoxy resin that covers windings is fireproof. Thereof these transformers don’t exist fire danger and leakage risk. They are safety and environment friendly for these characters.

Dimensions of cast resin transformers are smaller than oil immersed transformers. They occupy less field according to oil immersed transformers.

Cast resin transformers provide transformer life more long time for low thermal and dialectic ageing effects according to oil immersed transformers.

These transformers exhibit high ability to wihtstand and resistance versus overload.

They no need to maintenance.

According to IEC 60076-11
• Climatic C1/C2
• Environment E2
• Fire F1

are provided standards