Power Transformers

The manufacturing of power transformers done in accordance with international standarts (IEC, ANSI, ete.) and therefore, our transformers will most of the requirements existing on varios markets, moreover, we can manufacture transformers according to
customers4 specific requirements.

The power transformers are designed to operate in temperate elimate conditions (Standard designed), in special elimate condition such as: tropical dry-humid, tropical dry, highly polluted mining areas and in any other environmetal conditions.

Small Oil Immersed Distribution
These trasformers are rated up to 5000 KVA at voltages up to 36 kV. They are delivered with copper or aluminum windings. off load voltage control +/- 2×2.5%, hermetically sealed or conservator types and voltages’ terminals brought out thorough bushings or cable boxes.

Large Oil Immersed Distribution
These transformers are up to 40 MVA at voltages up to 110 kV. They are delivered with copper or aluminum windings, dff Circuit (OCTC) or on load tap changers (OLTC). ONAN and ONAF cooling and AVR panel.

Medium Power Transformers
These transformers are rated up to 6.3 to 100 MVA at voltages up to 230 kV. They are delivered with off  Circuit (OCTC) or on load tap changers (OLTC), ONAN, ONAF and OFAF cooling and AVR panel.

Large Power Transformers
These trasformers are rated up to 440 MVA at voltages up to 420 kV. They are delivered with off Circuit (OCTC) or on load tap changers (OLTC), ONAN, ONAF, OFAF and OFWF cooling, full winding or auto transformers and AVR panel. They can be network or generator trasformers. 24 info@istanbulenergy.net -www.istanbulenergy.net

Industrial Transformers
Transformers for Rectifiers and Converters, rated betvveen 400 and 3600 KVA.
Transformers for electric-arc furnaces and induction heating plants, rated betvveen 320KVA and 100MVA

Tranction Transformers
Transformers for electric traction substations, rated betvveen 630 and 16000 KVA

Mining Transformers
Fire-damp transformers: They are rated up to 630 KVA at voltages up to 10 KV. They are fully fire-damp protected to operate in hazardous environments, containing highly explosive mineng gas.

Dry Type Transformers
These transformers are rated up to 3150 KVA at voltages up to 20 KV. They are delivered vvith Class F or H.

Grounding And Auxiliary Transformers
These transfonmers are rated from 100 to 1600 kVA vvith vvye star connected primary vvinding and secondary vvinding of 0.4 kV. The ttransformers create artificially neutral for 6-36 kV netvvorks.

Our Transformers are designed and produced to be used in ali kinds of applications are to meet ali customers’ requirements.

They can properly and safely used in: Distribution netvvorks and residential areas Povver transmission netvvorks and substations Generation Povver Plats: Nuclear, thermal, combined cyco – generation, Hydro, renevvable energy Industry: Cement, Steel milis, Smelters, Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Mining, desalination plants and pumping stations and ali other heavy and light industries.

Transportation: Traction Substations

Electric Apparatus &  witchgear
Electrical apparatus and switchgears are manufactured in accordance with international standards (IEC, ANSI, ete). Therefore, our produets are able to meet most of the requirements of different markets. We can also produce apparatus and switchgears according to customers’ specific requirements. The main groups of electric apparatus usually manufactured and delivered

High Voltage Circuit Breakers
• High Voltage Disconnectors
• High Voltagelnstrument Transformers
• Medium Voltage Switchgears
• Medium Voltage Bus Ducts
• Other Apparatus and Equipment

High Voltage Circuit Breakers
SF6 outdoor single pole 27.5 kV 1250 A 16 kA and double pole 145-170 kV 2500 A, 31.5-40 kA circuit-breakers for electric traetion substations.
SF6 outdoor three-pole circuitreakers with ratings 72.5+420 kV, 2500 (3150) A, 31.5-40 kA.
Air-blast single-pole circuit-breaker with rated voltage of 27.5 kV, rated current of 630 A, ated short-circuit breaking current of 10 kA intended for electrical locomotives.

High Voltage Disconnectors
Outdoor disconnecting switches, lever type, at rated voltages of 12 up to 24 kV and rated currents of 400 – 630 A
Outdoor from disconnecting switches, rotary type, at rated voltages from 42 up to 420 kV and rated currents of 1250 A up to 3150 A.
Earthing switches for dutdoor installations, with rated voltages of 72.5; 123; 145 and 170 kV.

High Voltage Instrument Transformers
Oil insulated current transformers
Support type, 24 – 420 kV
Inverted type, 72.5 – 145 -245 kV
Oil insulated voltage transformers Inductive type, 24 – 170 kV Capacitive type, 72.5 – 420 kV
SF6 insulated voltage tansformers
Inductive type, 123 – 145 kV SF6 insulated current and voltage combined transformers 123 – 145 kV