Pocket Substation

We design medium voltage distribution Substation, from 6.3 kV to 36 kV Steel frame, heat isolation Sand filters, Ventilation, Pre-Galvanized steel Electrostatic powder paint.

High Mast Lighting
We design and manufacture High Masts and Stadium Poles with Elevator Systems or Platform Systems along with the inside cabling, flood lights, lightining arrestors and air craft warning lights in accordance with the requirements.

Street Lighting
We design and produce Hot Deep Galvanized Steel Poles for Street Lighting and Decorative Street and Garden Lighting Poles and for other purposes along with all necessary equipments (Lighting Fixtures, Cables, Fuses etc..) in accordance with the customer specifications.

Energy Transmission
We design and manufacture High voltage Transmission Line Towers up to 400 kV including installation service with our high experience partners.

Gsm Tower
We design and manufacture Gsm Towers in most effective and intelligent types. We are serving to our customers with complete package including Antennas, Containers lightining arrestors and air craft warning lights.